Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual Awareness

How can that be defined? To me it's being safe in the knowledge that I am loved and cared for and guided in everything I do. To know I'm safe in the arms of amazing Spirit Guides who do just that ... they guide me safely through every day allowing me to trust my instinctive feelings and to enjoy what they put before me.

My husbands G. Grandfather is with me a great deal of the time and to get my attention he pats me on the head...he passed when my Father in Law was a toddler, so naturally my husband never knew him, but there is an amazing affinity between them. My husband tries so hard (too hard) to feel his presence and gets quite upset at times that he gets his knowledge of him second hand (so to speak). Then last year he had a wonderful experience (without my intervention). He works out side and was busy on a warm, bright Spring day and there were very few people about. All he says is that he felt different ...and couldn't believe his eyes when at his feet was a perfect white rose, nobody had passed by and there were no roses around ... as my rather bewildered husband put the rose in water here at home he just looked up and said "Thank you George"... such a wonderful sign of love from spirit made my husband so happy and really made him feel loved. It meant everything to him.

That is what is so wonderful, it takes such a huge amount of effort and energy for spirit to come through to us, yet they do it so willingly and lovingly, be it with flowers, feathers, messages, feelings, smells etc...... we are so truly blessed to receive their love .

I recently read for a lady who was very keen to know who her spirit guides were, so we meditated together and I then went with spirit forward into her reading....she was thrilled to connect with her guides and is looking forward to the joy of discovering so many wonderful new things .....

It set me to thinking did I know ALL of my guides was I blinkered, so many people have Native Indian guides, monks, nuns etc., no-one like that has ever popped up to me ... I then realised that when I meditate, I go to my safe haven (my beloved Grandparents fairytale garden) and I either go to the right and up the stairs to the tower, or I go down the path and through the wood which leads to the stream.

But to the left is waist high grass and I have in all these years NEVER gone there... so I took a meditation that night and deliberately went to the long grass, it was sweet smelling, cool and inviting and I could hear water. As I walked forward I came to a small clearing and there beside a fast running stream was a large log and a camp fire. Sitting on the log gutting a fish was a native indian, a middle aged man with striking features. He wore hide trousers that were attached to a bone circle around his waist by hide braces, he wore an elaborately patterned poncho, on his head he wore a spherical woolen cap / hat with three large feathers on the top.

He smiled, gestured to me to sit beside him and then gently said "I have been waiting ". He certainly had...over 55 years...he has shown me so much in the last few months.... he is "Poundmaker - Big Knife " a famous leader from the Cree Tribe, who stood up for peace between the American Indians and the American Army.... The Cree Tribe are particularly noted for their deep spiritual beliefs and being at one with nature... I have a passion for owls and he explained that the owl is necessary to carry the spirit from the mortal earth to the spiritual heavens..... what an experience and a lesson learned.

My meditations will not always take regular paths now and I will welcome and embrace all that comes my way... to all my guides, I thank and bless you for all you do for me, you have enlightened and blessed me and daily show me such wonderful things and give me this amazing life.... Bless you and Thank you, I am nothing without you......