Spiritual Wishes

Remembering GRANDMA and GRANDFATHER HARDING, how can I express properly my love for you, for the magical childhood you gave me, for the love and guidance and for opening my eyes and heart to my gift. Bless you and Thank you with all my heart... xxxxxxx

Remembering MR JOHN HARDING, a phenomenal man... I will always remember "It's not the size of the lion in the fight, but the size of the fight in the lion ".... love you DAD.... miss you xxxxxxx

Remembered with love and great fondness...... JEAN BOYCE....... free now to dance for ever more .... God bless, sweet dreams xxxxxxxx

Remembering forever in our hearts MR GEORGE BOYCE, thank you for the wonderful happy times you gave us all, for the fun and for the wonderful childhood memories that we your nieces and nephews share. Rest in peace and know how loved you are. xxxxxxx