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  Here is my visitors

page, where I shall leave the messages you kindly send me..

Good Luck with your new website Elaine, and to any visitors reading this Elaine is a very

rare breed these days, Genuine, Honest and a really good friend.

FRED BATT (Most Haunted, Living TV)

Nice Site !!!! No longer are you the learner..... now you are an IT guru too..... :)

DAVE of the darkside

Loveing the new site see ya soon


Am loving your site it is really wonderful and has a very calming and peaceful way about it , you should be very proud of yourself. Keep up the good work, see you soon, much love,

Katie aka " LITTLE BOSS "

Well what can I say about this very talented lady?. She is without doubt , THE most genuine and honest Medium I have ever met, Elaine also has a beautiful soul and spirit are very lucky to have such a lady working for them. This wonderful website is a spiritual haven. Elaine, I feel blessed to have such a friend in my life. God Bless you x

Ellie aka " MIGHTY BOSS "

I might be slightly biased, seeing as this lady is my mum.... but you WILL NOT meet a more genuine,respectful and caring person who will do anything to ensure that spirit make their mark and leave their messages for their loved ones. So impressed by your progress. xxxx US xx


God bless you my wonderful cousin wishing you lots of love and good luck with your new website 'Laine,

Love Pats xxxx

recommended by rhonda, good luck with the webb site.


Hi Lainey good to talk to you as always,

    Chris xxxxx

Dear Elaine,I am so glad I plucked up courage to have that first reading with you ! I have been several times since and know that you are very sincere and caring. I am very impressed with your readings and I always feel so relaxed and comfortable talking to you and leave feeling happier than when I walked in!. Thank you so much, God Bless, love and a big hug from June x0x

 I wonder who led me to your website, Did I find it by accident ?. It is very easy to find your way around your site and you can feel the peace and love that you eminate. xxxx Alison

Hello my lovely friend, loving the new look and the great photos. You really are a very special lady. I am very proud to call you my mate.

                                     Blessings Ellie xxxx

What a beautiful site you should be proud,while I am here I would like to pass my love on to loved ones who have passed and who are greatly missed and carried in my heart...... keep up the good work this site will bring great comfort to many. Sally xxxxx

What Amazing lady, you have helped me through some very hard times in my life. What a blessing it is to know you.Ithink of you as my 2nd mum,can't wait for another reading,god bless Martine xxxx

What a wonderful website that sends out love and sincerity as you read each sectin. It was no accident being introduced to you.Looking forward to another reading.God Bless ,Denise.

                        Lainey thank you sincerely, guiding me through a very difficult situation .You allowed me to stay calm,even though things around me are awful.I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... Sathya .

Dear Lainey, I am so glad to have spoken to you today. What a caring honest person you are. The reading was spot on,what can I say.I am so glad to have found you. I felt so at ease as if I have known you before.You are a special lady and I have felt so much

happier in such a long time ,much love.xxxx Michelle